What are Wedding Tastings?

What are Wedding Food Tasting

Tastings can vary greatly depending on your chosen venue and the caterer. If you are getting married in a hotel, where everything is in-house, the food tasting usually takes place in the restaurant, which is so easy-peezy!


But, if you are booking a venue that requires an outside catering solution, you may feel a bit out of your depth! Please, do not worry! At Homegrown Hospitality, we are experts in bespoke catering. We are a small family-run business with Yorkshire farming at its heart. We bring our passion and imagination to your table by creating bespoke menus served with friendly and professional service that makes your guests feel special.


When you first enquire with Homegrown, we send you a list of questions to help you decide on the best serving style and also food LOVES! We take that information and work with you to create a perfect menu – sometimes adding a personal twist along the way. We believe that food brings folk together, and we specialise in hearty homemade food lovingly made from ingredients selected from our bountiful Yorkshire pantry that can be shared with the people you care about.


Once you have “booked” Homegrown Hospitality for your Wedding, we will arrange a food tasting in our Kitchen near Wetherby where you (the Bride and Groom) and four guests can come and experience a full tasting menu”. We cook the entire menu – it’s like a mini wedding, so you can try everything you will eat on the day.


What is food tasting?

DEFINITION: A wedding tasting is when you taste the menu items, or proposed menu items, with your caterer for your reception. The tasting typically takes weeks or months before your big day to allow plenty of time for any adjustments or changes to the final menu.


A formal food tasting, here at Homegrown Hospitality….

Wedding tastings are especially useful if the Bride or Groom (or another member of the top table) has specific dietary requirements and wants to ‘test’ the food before the BIG day. This was true of this recent couple who came for a food tasting: Rachel & Liam joined us last month to enjoy a food tasting experience at our Unit at Thorp Arch near Wetherby. Rachel, the Bride, is Gluten Free, Lactose-free and allergic to onions, so as you can imagine, she was keen to try all the food she would eat on her Wedding Day! Their Wedding is between Christmas and New Year.


Rachel said: “Alice and the team created the full menu for us – and also allowed me to road test the food I would eat on the day, which was so important to me. While we had tried Homegrown’s food on different occasions and knew how amazing it was, it was important for us to have a Food Tasting due to my allergies. Nothing was too much trouble, and I now can’t wait until the big day to tuck into our Wedding food! We are having an informal Reception Grazer, followed by Steak and Chips with a ‘Mix of six’ Dessert Platter where I will get an extra-large Chocolate and salted caramel pot de crème, prepared especially for me! I can’t wait!!”


Another reason to have a Formal Food Tasting which costs £300 inc. VAT at Homegrown Hospitality is maybe just because you are just an out-and-out foodie… If you are, you’re in good company, because funnily enough, so are we!! What could be better than sampling gourmet food prepared by our talented chefs that are completely invested in your Wedding? Plus, once you have tasted everything, you can relax and know your guest will get to enjoy the same delectable dishes on your big day.


What to focus on at your tasting?

  • The presentation of the food – how does it look? How is it served?
  • The quality and provenance of the ingredients. Fresh, local produce is always preferred!
  • Is the food hot enough? How efficiently has it been served?
  • The manners and conduct of the catering team, do they feel friendly, are they professional, do you feel they have a high level of personal hygiene etc.
  • If the caterer supplies table settings, check the quality and cleanliness of the linen and silverware etc
  • Ask about wine pairings

Perhaps, you are just starting out planning your Wedding? If you are, it is a time for lots of research. We would recommend that you always go with caterers with lots of recommendations. If you find it hard to whittle things down, why not come along to our Wedding Tasting Open day?


Why not come to our OPEN Day?

We have an open day booked at the AMAZING Burtonfields Hall, Stamford Bridge, on the road to Bridlington on the 12th of November, 2022. We would love for you to join us and taste some of our exquisite food, enjoy a glass of something fizzy, and meet some of the team who might cater your Wedding Reception.


To book your FREE space, click the link for your tickets HERE


Good food is the icing on the cake (excuse the pun!). Don’t settle for OK – the days of mass catering are in the past, and we pride ourselves on appetising local produce, all made fresh and from scratch, with love and care.


If you have any questions – please Get in touch!