Meet our Head Chef’s sidekick Ben Standley

For five years, Yorkshire-born Ben Standley has been our Head Chef’s sidekick at Homegrown Hospitality.

Ben didn’t come from a cooking college or culinary arts programme – his passion for food drove him to the kitchen. At first, domestically cooking for friends and family where he could showcase his talents – always making fresh, from scratch and with love – just like we do in the Homegrown kitchen today.


Ben is a man who likes to enjoy life to the full and to travel the world when he can – always enjoying street food cuisine on his journeys. This influence has developed his passion for authentic world cuisine. This passion for travel and food congregates within Homegrown’s HQ at Thorpe Arch near Wetherby, where our menu is extensive and varied. We offer an eclectic mix of flavours and tastes to suit every client, where we make everything fresh and from scratch. At Homegrown, each party, wedding, or bar mitzvah (or any event come that) is unique and special. We don’t offer set menus or price bundles. We are a catering company for “foodies” who can taste the love and passion we bring to our cooking.


Ben says: “Working at Homegrown, a bespoke catering business means that every client is special. It is very different to working in a restaurant kitchen. Every event is different, so the work is varied, and it really plays to my strengths being able to cook an eclectic mix of cuisine and flavours. We often work all week preparing the food for the weekend. We always make it the best it can be. It has to be right – so the client (and their guests) leaves with a huge smile on their face.”


The front-of-house team love to hear what makes your mouth water, and Ben loves to deliver that through his cooking. Through food – we optimise any celebration. Always making it fresh, sourced locally or even from our own farm where we rear all our own pigs.


So, what’s Ben’s favourite dining style?
“While we offer anything from a la carte dining to grazing stations, I LOVE Table Scaping because it is all about the food! It’s like a medieval banquet and truly magical. It is an absolute feast where the starter, main and dessert can be all served at once in the middle of the table on wooden boards for the guests to tuck in”


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